Infinite recommendations feed

An infinite feed is a set of pages that are displayed one after another. Adding the feed can increase the number of views by up to 30%. You can view the feed example on the promo page.

The infinite recommendations feed can be generated automatically or manually.
How it is formed
The automatic feed is generated from related pages on your site. To generate the feed, your site should have as many Turbo pages as possible. If your site contains three or four articles with similar themes, the algorithm puts them in one feed.
How to enable
Внимание. If the feed is generated via the RSS channel (in the <yandex:related type="infinity">) element, the feed settings in Yandex.Webmaster aren't taken into account. To enable automatic feed in Yandex.Webmaster, delete the <yandex:related type="infinity"> elements from the RSS feed.
To turn on the automatic feed:
  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to the  →  → Automatic feed page.
  2. Check the sample feed. To do this, click View examples.

    If there are no examples, it means there are not enough pages to generate the feed. But the option can be enabled in any case. The automatic feed will be displayed when there are enough pages.

  3. Enable the option and click . The automatic feed will start displaying during the day.
    Примечание. On new Turbo pages, the feed is displayed within three hours.
To display ADFOX ads on the Turbo pages with the infinite feed:
  1. In the ADFOX interface, go to the Parameters tab.
  2. In the Code type list choose <non-duplicated banners>.
Learn more about settings in .