Enabling ads on mobile Turbo pages

To monetize Turbo pages, you can include ad blocks or ads from other systems using .

Turbo pages support the following types of ad blocks:
Ad block above the header
Внимание. Only blocks can be placed above the header.

This is an adaptive banner above the page header that takes up 100% of the page's width and 70 pixels of its height.

If you add a block above the header and an automatic recommendations feed, ads will be displayed before every new page of the feed.

For more information, see Placing an ad block above the header.

In-content ad block

An ad block that can be placed on the page manually or automatically.

When using automatic placement, the number of ads and the best places are chosen automatically depending on the page length.

For more information, see Adding an in-content ad block.


A block with a parallax effect that is placed in the content using auto-placement.

For more information, see Adding an Interscroller block.

InPage video ads

A banner that plays a video ad. It is placed on the page automatically.

For more information, see Adding an InPage ad block

InStream video ads

A video ad shown in the video player. Learn more about InStream video ads in Yandex Advertising Network Help.

A default block is added to Turbo pages:
  • Block type: mid-roll. Displayed during the video playback.
  • Start: from the 10th second.
  • Cycle: every 10 minutes, up to 100 repetitions.

For more information, see Adding InStream video ads.