Enabling a recommendation widget

A recommendation widget is a unit that can be placed on Turbo pages only if you place ads automatically. The widget contains recommendations leading to your site's Turbo pages and may contain Yandex Advertising Network units.

Attention. The widget only selects publications from sites that are available in Yandex search results and connected to the Yandex Advertising Network as a content site or its mirror. For example, the widget can't recommend content from a site that's blocked in Yandex search. Publications usually appear in the widget within two hours of being created. It may take longer if you registered a new domain in the YAN before creating the widget.

To enable these ads, perform the following steps:

Step 1. Create an ad unit

To create a recommendation widget:
  1. Open the Yandex Advertising Network interface.
  2. Go to Ads on websites → Content sites → Recommendation widget and click Add widget.
  3. Choose the “In text” design template and configure the ad amount and placement way.
  4. Select a CPM floor definition method.
  5. Copy the created unit ID (in the C‑A‑123456‑7 format) and use it when you connect ads in the Yandex Webmaster settings.

Step 2. Enable and verify it

The recommendation widget can be placed on a Turbo page only if you place ads automatically.

  1. In Yandex Webmaster, go to Turbo pages for content sites → Settings → Advertising.
  2. In the Mobile advertising section, select the Automatic ad placement method.
  3. In the Recommendation widget section, click Add and select Recommendation widget.
  4. Specify the unit ID in the Recommendation widget field.
  5. Save your changes.