RSS feed example

<rss xmlns:yandex="" xmlns:media="" xmlns:turbo="" version="2.0">
        <title>Name of the RSS feed</title>
        <description>Short description of the RSS feed</description>
        <turbo:analytics type="Yandex" id="123456"></turbo:analytics>
        <turbo:adNetwork type="Yandex" id="block ID" turbo-ad-id="first_ad_place"></turbo:adNetwork>
        <turbo:adNetwork type="Adfox" turbo-ad-id="second_ad_place">
                <div id="container "></div>
                       ownerId: 123456,
                       containerId: 'container ID',
                       params: {
                           pp: 'g',
                           ps: 'cmic',
                           p2: 'fqem'
        <yandex:related type="infinity">
            <link url="">Link text</link>
            <link url="">Link text</link>
        <item turbo="true">
            <author>Ivan Ivanov</author>
            <pubDate>Sun, 29 Sep 2002 19:59:01 +0300</pubDate>
                        <h1>The Healthy Breakfast restaurant
                        <h2>Healthy and delicious</h2>
                            <img src="">
                            <a href="">Menu item 1</a>
                            <a href="">Menu item 2</a>
                    <p>What's a good way to start the day? With a delicious and healthy breakfast!</p>
          <p>Join us for breakfast. Check out photos of our dishes <a href="#">on our website</a>.</p>
                        <img src="">
                        <figcaption>Omelette with herbs</figcaption>
                    <p>Our menu always contains fresh, delicious and healthy options.</p>
                    <p>Find out for yourself.</p>
                    <button formaction="tel:+7(123)456-78-90" data-background-color="#5B97B0" data-color="white" data-primary="true">Reserve a table</button>
                    <div data-block="widget-feedback" data-stick="false">
                        <div data-block="chat" data-type="whatsapp" data-url=""></div>
                        <div data-block="chat" data-type="telegram" data-url=""></div>
                        <div data-block="chat" data-type="vkontakte" data-url=""></div>
                        <div data-block="chat" data-type="facebook" data-url=""></div>
                        <div data-block="chat" data-type="viber" data-url=""></div>
                    <p>Our address: <a href="#">Nullam dolor massa, porta a nulla in, ultricies vehicula arcu.</a></p>
                    <p>Photos —</p>
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