Turbo summary

To view statistics on Turbo pages, check for issues, and get setup tips and recommendations, go to Turbo pages for content sites → Turbo summary in Yandex.Webmaster.

The information on the page is divided into the following sections:

Share of mobile traffic to Turbo pages

Statistics for the last month. You can choose a different period by specifying the time range in the calendar.

A traffic percentage of less than 100% indicates that not all pages on your site have Turbo versions. You can view the list of pages that don't use Turbo technology in the Pages without Turbo versions block. A drop in the traffic share may indicate errors and issues with your Turbo pages.

Turbo page issues

Information on issues and recommendations related to Turbo pages. To view the issue details or a recommendation, click the link in the Turbo page issues block. It opens the Diagnostics section, where you can learn more about errors.

Some Turbo pages were deleted

Information on automatically deleted Turbo pages and issues related to the Turbo page quality.

Automatic removal of Turbo pages

If Yandex.Webmaster finds too many discrepancies between the Turbo page and the original page, the Turbo page will be deleted without warning.

To generate a new Turbo page instead of the deleted one:
  1. In the Some Turbo pages were deleted block, click the Examples of deleted Turbo pages link.
  2. On the page with examples, compare Turbo pages and the original pages to find and fix the discrepancies. You can download the list of errors in CSV or XLS format. For other examples, see the Common errors section.
  3. Load the data source in the Turbo pages for content sites → Sources section for Yandex.Webmaster to create Turbo versions for them.

Turbo page quality issues

Yandex.Webmaster regularly reviews the quality of your Turbo pages.

Review results:

  • High quality Turbo pages. The quality review was successful. If Yandex.Webmaster found errors in this status, fix them now so your Turbo page quality remains high.
  • Drop in Turbo page quality We found discrepancies between Turbo pages and original pages Fix the errors right away to improve the quality of your Turbo pages.
  • Turbo pages will be deleted More discrepancies were detected between Turbo pages and original pages. You need to fix these discrepancies within the set time period so your Turbo pages aren't deleted.

To fix Turbo page errors:

  1. Go to Turbo pages for content sites → Diagnostics in Yandex.Webmaster.
  2. Compare Turbo pages and original pages, find and correct discrepancies. Learn more in the Common errors section.
  3. Run the check in Yandex.Webmaster. To do this, click the Recheck button in Yandex.Webmaster.
  4. Wait for the results of review.

Pages without Turbo versions

Pages on your site that don't have Turbo versions. You can download a list of page URLs in CSV format.

Note. The downloaded file displays the first 100 pages without Turbo versions with the highest traffic.


Recommendations for connecting and using Turbo pages. Following these recommendations will make your site's Turbo pages more useful and convenient for users.

The recommendation items that are already completed are marked with green checkmarks.