Debugging the display and validating the markup

The «Turbo pages» technology offers many design options to display your site pages in search results on mobile devices. For example, you can customize the menu, feedback widget and CSS styles.

You can use them to see what a Turbo page will look like before you send all data to Yandex.

To check the ad display in the debug mode, specify the ad blocks in Yandex.Webmaster on the Turbo pages for content sites → Settings page. Other settings in Yandex.Webmaster will also be displayed.

  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to Turbo pages for content sites → Debugging.
  2. In the page code block, set the option to:

    In the field, replace the sample code with the item element content in your RSS feed. It should fully correspond to your site page content.

    You can add all data source content in the field, but the service will check only the first item element.

    Note. If opened the Turbo pages for content sites → Debugging page from the error description for your data source (Turbo pages for content sites → Data sources), the field displays the content of the item element where the error was found.
  3. Click the Apply button.
  4. Correct detected mistakes and check the content again.
  5. Make corrections to the data source on your server.
  6. Send the information to Yandex:

    • If the data source is already uploaded to Yandex.Webmaster, open it on the page and click Revalidate source.
    • If the data source isn't loaded, open the Turbo pages for content sites → Data sources page, go to Link to source, choose the RSS data type, and enter the link to the file on your server in the field.