To use the Turbo page API, you must authorize with the OAuth token. You have to send the token in every request in the Authorization HTTP header.
curl -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'Authorization: OAuth oauth_token'
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If an API method is called without a token, or a request passes an invalid token, the server returns the HTTP status 401 Unauthorized.

Getting OAuth token

You can get an authorization token for the Yandex.Turbo pages API using one of the following methods:

Through Yandex.Webmaster
  1. Go to the Turbo pages for content sites → Data sources page.
  2. In the Upload via API block, click the Get token button.
Through Yandex.OAuth
  1. Register your site in the OAuth service.
  2. When registering in the Platforms section, click the Web services, then click Set URL for development.

  3. In Permissions section, in the Yandex.Webmaster block, turn on Adding Turbo pages to site:

  4. Get a token by clicking the link:<application ID>
    The application ID is available in the application properties (click the application name to open its properties).

Learn more about OAuth authentication in the service documentation.