Turbo pages API

The Turbo pages API allows you to:
  • Upload RSS feeds to Yandex.Webmaster.
  • Validate the Turbo page markup.
  • Debug the display of Turbo pages.

To use the Turbo page API, you must authorize with the OAuth token. The token must be passed in every API request.

To upload the RSS feed using the API, go to the Quick start section or use the Python script.

To debug and validate the RSS feed, use the DEBUG loading mode. The mode is set with the mode query parameter when receiving the upload URL.

The main features of the API are described in the use cases section.

Data exchange format

Requests to the Turbo pages API are made over the HTTPS protocol. The service returns data in either JSON (default) or XML format. To get the XML response, pass the HTTP header Accept: application/xml in the request.