Filter by skills

To use a skill value for selecting users, define the filter object in the pool parameters.

To filter users without a skill set the "operator": "EQ" parameter and exclude the value parameter.

Sample filter in JSON

"filter": {
    "category": "skill",
    "key": "55",
    "operator": "GT",
    "value": "59.7"

"key" and "value" keys

Value of "key"

Value of "value"

Data type in "value"

Value of "operator"

ID of the skill (string).

Fractional value of the skill. Minimum - 0, maximum - 100.

Floating-point number

  • EQ — Equal to.
  • NE — Not equal to.
  • GT — Greater than.
  • LT — Less than.
  • GTE — Greater than or equal to.
  • LTE — Less than or equal to.