Compensation amount

You can restrict the total amount of compensation per user in a pool. When the set amount is reached, the user can no longer access tasks. This limit allows you to:

  • Get responses from as many users as possible (for this purpose, set a low threshold, such as the price of a single task suite).

  • Protect yourself from robots (for this purpose, the threshold should be higher, such as 10% of the price for the entire pool).

Set key values in the quality_control.configs array in the pool settings.

In the example below, the user can't access the requester's projects if daily earnings for tasks in the pool reaches 20 dollars.

                     "private_comment":"Completed many tasks."



Data type

Required during creation


Parameters that are checked in the condition:

  • income_sum_for_last_24_hours — The user's total earnings for tasks in the pool over the past 24 hours (in dollars).