Site Search

Site Search helps you to quickly add a full-fledged search function to your website, using Yandex's indexation and ranking mechanisms.
It includes all the usual Yandex search functions: It understands various word forms, and corrects mistakes and typos, as well as incorrect keyboard layouts.

Advantages of Yandex.Search

  • Morphology support
    Yandex Site Search takes all possible word forms into account
  • Easy to install
    You don’t need to be an expert to install a search box, just complete a few simple steps to generate a code, which can then easily be installed on your site.
  • Fully customizable search form and results
    You can personalize the search form appearance, how the search results look, where the search results are displayed: on your site or on Yandex.
  • Search suggestions
    Let users search twice as fast, help users word their search, correct mistakes, typos and incorrect keyboard layouts.
  • Earn money from Yandex ads
    Include ads in your search results and earn with Yandex. We will split any revenue generated from your ads right down the middle.
  • Filters — date, section, language etc.
    You can create your own constraints to supplement the default ones provided.
  • Detailed search stats
    Use statistics to find out how popular the search tool is, what people use it for, user interests, what improvements you should make.
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