The Yandex.Partner Interface (also referred to as the Partner Interface) is designed for interaction with the Yandex Advertising Network (also referred to as YAN). Users of this service are YAN partners.

This document describes the API of the Yandex.Partner interface (further referred to as the Partner API or the API). The main purpose of the API at this time is to get detailed statistics about working with Yandex for processing data and analyzing income.

Main sections of this document:

Access the API over the HTTPS protocol using GET and POST requests. All data that is available via the API is provided as resources. Each resource has its own unique URL.

This document is intended for developers who interact with the Partner Interface. It is assumed that readers are familiar with the terminology of the Partner Interface service.

Examples of requests and responses are provided in order to illustrate the features of the API. The examples use sample data.