Payment solution protocol for merchants

Attention. This is an old version of the API. Switch to the Yandex.Checkout API.
Version 3.0

This protocol was developed to allow online merchants and services to integrate with Yandex.Checkout.

To accept payments, you need to implement Yandex.Checkout: submit an implementation request, get access to your Merchant Profile, and enter into a contract with Yandex.Money. Only businesses can do this (legal entities or individual entrepreneurs).

This guide to the protocol is intended for developers of websites that are planning to activate or have already activated Yandex.Checkout.

What you can do with Yandex.Checkout

  • Accept payments for products and services in various ways.
  • Process payments automatically or manually.
  • Manage payments: repeat and postpone payments, or make refunds (using the MWS payment management protocol).
  • Get daily reports on payments.

How to get started and what's next

  1. Submit an activation request and get access to your personal dashboard.
  2. Fill out a questionnaire about your company and a technical questionnaire, provide the necessary documents, and enter into the contract.
  3. Read the documentation.
  4. Choose the activation method.
  5. Implement this protocol.

And that's it — you can accept payments.

How you will get paid

After activation is completed, your website users can pay in various ways:

  • Using a Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro bank card.
  • From a Yandex.Money Wallet.
  • From a WebMoney purse.
  • Cash via a payment kiosk, using a code.
  • From a mobile phone balance.
  • Using a mobile terminal (mPOS).
  • Using Sberbank Online.
  • Using Alfa-Click.
  • Using MasterPass (the payment service of the MasterCard system, which users link their bank cards to in order to make payments without entering card data).
  • Using a QIWI Wallet.

You can test payment acceptance.

Yandex.Money takes a commission for successful payments — you can view the rates on the Yandex.Checkout website. You do not have to activate all the payment methods at once. You can choose the ones you need when you sign the agreement.

Who is already using Yandex.Checkout

Who to ask

For technical questions, send email to For other questions, you can send email to

What to read next

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