Installing the SDK

The SDK for iOS is installed from the CocoaPodsrepository:

Step 1. Register the app

Register your app on Yandex.OAuth.

Step 2. Configure Info.plist

Add the following lines to Info.plist :

			<string>yx<Client id of you application></string>

Step 3. Configure Entitlements

The SDK communicates with Yandex apps using Universal Links. For them to work, add applinks:yx{client app ID} to Capability: Associated Domains.

For example, if the client app ID is 333, the added line will look like this:

Step 4. Configure Podfile

To import the SDK from CocoaPods, configure Podfile. To do this:

  1. Go to the folder with the Xcode project and create a text file named Podfile.
  2. Open Podfile and add the following dependency:
    pod 'YandexLoginSDK'
  3. Apply changes by running the following command:
    $ pod install

Step 5. Import the header file

When working with the SDK, add the following header to each project file:
#import <YandexLoginSDK/YandexLoginSDK.h>