Class AdBreak.BreakType

public class AdBreak.BreakType

This class contains ad types that can be used for an ad break:

  • Linear — Ads that use the entire player window and pause the main video.

  • Non-linear — Ads that are overlaid on the main video while it is playing. For example, this might be a logo or another static image that is displayed in the player.

  • Display — Ads that are displayed outside the player.


final String DISPLAY

"Display" ad type.

final String LINEAR

"Linear" ad type.

final String NONLINEAR

"Non-linear" ad type.

Field Detail


public static DISPLAY = "display"

"Display" ad type.


public static LINEAR = "linear"

"Linear" ad type.


public static NONLINEAR = "nonlinear"

"Non-linear" ad type.