Enabling the extended call tracking window

Enables the extended call tracking period for the given tag.

This method extends the time interval during which session data can be changed in Yandex.Metrica, including uploads of call information.

By default, the new data is added to the session within 16 hours after the session ends, so that the session information can be updated in the Yandex.Metrica database if necessary (for example, new pageviews can be added and the session length can be corrected). After 16 hours, the session data can't be changed.

When a user has both offline and online interactions, there is usually more than 16 hours between them. So in order to add offline data to sessions, the conversion tracking period must be extended up to 21 days. This means that call data is added to a session in Yandex.Metrica if 21 days or less has passed between the user's last session on the site and the time of processing the file with call data.

Внимание. The extended call tracking period only applies to sessions that Yandex.Metrica registers after the API request is sent. The time interval for changing the session information will increase gradually: from one day on the day after enabling the option, it will continue to expand until it reaches the maximum in 21 days.

Calls will be added to the user's session that directly preceded them. For example, let's say a user had three sessions: March 1, March 5, and March 11. In addition, this user placed a call to the call center on March 10, and this data was registered by the call tracker. On March 20, the data was sent to Yandex.Metrica. The call made on March 10 is added to the user's site session from March 5.

This option can't be enabled in the Yandex.Metrica web interface. It is only available via the API.

  1. Request syntax
  2. Response format

Request syntax

counterId — ID of the tag that you want to enable the extended call tracking period for.


Request example

POST https://api-metrica.yandex.net/management/v1/counter/{counterId}/offline_conversions/calls_extended_threshold?

Response format

    "success" :  < boolean > 
Parameters Description
success Result of performing action.
Parameters Description
success Result of performing action.