Formats for input data and results

Format for input data

Input data structures for POST and PUT methods are passed in the request body. Input structures match the output structures of the GET methods of the corresponding resources.


To properly form the input structure for a POST or PUT method, call the GET method for a resource that already exists. Copy the resulting structure and define all the necessary field values.

The API POST and PUT methods accept input data in JSON format.

The format of input data is specified in the HTTP Content-Type header.

Acceptable header values: application/x-yametrika+json or application/json.

Results format

The Management API returns responses in UTF-8 encoding. Responses are in JSON format.

For example, the results for the following request will have information about a counter:



POST /management/v1/counters HTTP/1.1
Authorization: OAuth <access_token>
Content-Type: application/x-yametrika+json
Content-Length: 127

     "counter" : {
         "site" : "www.example.",
         "name" : "Counter name",

For debugging purposes, results can be formatted. To do this, pass the pretty parameter with the value set to 1 in any type of request:


When DELETE methods are executed successfully, the API returns the HTTP status with the code 200. If the HTTP status contains a different code, deletion was not performed.