List of accessible clients

Returns data about Yandex.Direct clients to campaigns which are accessible to the owner of the Metrica counter.

  1. Request syntax
  2. Response format

Request syntax
 ? [counters=<list>]
Query parameters
countersYandex.Metrica counter ID. You can specify several counters separated via comma.

Response format

    "clients" : [ {
        "id" :  < int > ,
        "name" :  < string > ,
        "chief_login" :  < string > 
    }, ... ]
Parameters Description
clients List of Yandex.Direct clients to whose campaigns the owner of this Yandex.Metrica counter has access
id Yandex.Direct client ID.
name Name of client specified in Yandex.Direct settings.
chief_login Login of the chief representative in Yandex.Direct. Used for generating the Yandex.Direct - costs report.