This section lists the error codes returned by methods of the Management API.

Error format

    "errors" : [ {
        "error_type" :  < error_type > ,
        "message" :  < string > ,
        "location" :  < string > 
    }, ... ],
    "code" :  < int > ,
    "message" :  < string > 
Parameters Description
errors List of errors that occurred.
code HTTP status.
message Reason.
error_type Error type.
message Reason for error.
location Place where error occurred.

Error types

Error type Description
backend_error (503) Server error.
invalid_parameter (400) Invalid parameter set.
not_found (404) Unique object not found.
missing_parameter (400) Required parameter not specified.
filter_limits (400) Filter complexity exceeds set restrictions.
access_denied (403) Access denied.
unauthorized (401) Unauthorized user.
quota_requests_by_uid (429) Exceeded the limit of requests to the API per day for a user.
quota_delegate_requests (429) Exceeded the hourly limit on the number of API requests to add representatives for the user.
quota_grants_requests (429) Exceeded the maximum number of API requests per hour to add counter access.
quota_requests_by_ip (429) Exceeded the limit of requests to the API per second for IP addresses.
quota_parallel_requests (429) Exceeded the limit of parallel requests to the API for a user.
quota_requests_by_counter_id (429) Exceeded the daily limit on API requests for the counter.
query_error (400) Request is too complex.
too_much_rows (400) The request is reading too much data.
conflict (409) Data inconsistency
not_acceptable (406) Unsupported format
timeout (504) The request is running longer than the allotted time
invalid_uploading (400) The file was uploaded incorrectly.
invalid_json (400) Transferred JSON has an incorrect format.
limit_exceeded (400) Exceeded the limit of goals (actions, filters).