Capability assessment of creating request

Evaluates the possibility of creating a logs request according to its approximate size.

  1. Request syntax
  2. Response format

Request syntax

counterId — counter id.{counterId}/logrequests/evaluate
 ? [date1=<string>]
 & [date2=<string>]
 & [fields=<string>]
 & [source=<log_request_source>]
Query parameters
date1First day.
date2Last day (can't be the current day).
fieldsList of fields separated by commas.
sourceLogs source.

Allowed values:

  • hits — pageviews.
  • visits — sessions.

Response format

    "log_request_evaluation" : {
        "possible" :  < boolean > ,
        "max_possible_day_quantity" :  < long > 
Parameters Description
log_request_evaluation Capability assessment of creating logs request.
possible Whether logs can be requested for the specified period.
max_possible_day_quantity The maximum number of days in the time period that can be specified in log requests according to the current quota.