Field Description
ym:pv:watchID Hit ID
ym:pv:counterID Counter number
ym:pv:date Event date
ym:pv:dateTime Event date and time (counter timezone)
ym:pv:title Page title
ym:pv:URL URL
ym:pv:referer Referrer
ym:pv:UTMCampaign UTM Campaign
ym:pv:UTMContent UTM Content
ym:pv:UTMMedium UTM Medium
ym:pv:UTMSource UTM Source
ym:pv:UTMTerm UTM Term
ym:pv:browser Browser
ym:pv:browserMajorVersion Major version of browser
ym:pv:browserMinorVersion Minor version of browser
ym:pv:browserCountry Browser country
ym:pv:browserEngine Browser engine
ym:pv:browserEngineVersion1 Major-version of browser engine
ym:pv:browserEngineVersion2 Minor-version of browser engine
ym:pv:browserEngineVersion3 Build-version of browser engine
ym:pv:browserEngineVersion4 Revision-version of browser engine
ym:pv:browserLanguage Browser language
ym:pv:clientTimeZone Time zone on user's computer
ym:pv:cookieEnabled Cookie
ym:pv:deviceCategory Device type: 1 - desktop, 2 - mobile phones, 3 - tablets, 4 - TV
ym:pv:from From tags
ym:pv:hasGCLID GCLID presence
ym:pv:ipAddress IP address
ym:pv:javascriptEnabled JavaScript present
ym:pv:mobilePhone Device manufacturer
ym:pv:mobilePhoneModel Device model
ym:pv:openstatAd Openstat Ad
ym:pv:openstatCampaign Openstat Campaign
ym:pv:openstatService Openstat Service
ym:pv:openstatSource Openstat Source
ym:pv:operatingSystem Operating system (detailed)
ym:pv:operatingSystemRoot Operating systems group
ym:pv:physicalScreenHeight Physical height
ym:pv:physicalScreenWidth Physical width
ym:pv:regionCity City (English name)
ym:pv:regionCountry Country (ISO)
ym:pv:regionCityID City ID
ym:pv:regionCountryID Country ID
ym:pv:screenColors Color depth
ym:pv:screenFormat Aspect ratio
ym:pv:screenHeight Logical height
ym:pv:screenOrientation Screen orientation
ym:pv:screenWidth Logical width
ym:pv:windowClientHeight Window height
ym:pv:windowClientWidth Window width
ym:pv:lastTrafficSource Traffic source
ym:pv:lastSearchEngine Search engine (detailed)
ym:pv:lastSearchEngineRoot Search engine
ym:pv:lastAdvEngine Ad system
ym:pv:artificial Artificial hit created with hit(), event() or other functions.
ym:pv:pageCharset Encoding of site page
ym:pv:isPageView Pageview. Takes the value 0 if a hit shouldn't be counted as a pageview
ym:pv:link Was link traffic a hit
ym:pv:download File download
ym:pv:notBounce Special event "non-bounce", for accurate bounce rate
ym:pv:lastSocialNetwork Social network
ym:pv:httpError Еrror code
ym:pv:clientID ID of user on site
ym:pv:networkType Connection type
ym:pv:lastSocialNetworkProfile Country of social network, from which there was a click-through
ym:pv:goalsID IDs of goal conversions
ym:pv:shareService "Share" button, service name
ym:pv:shareURL "Share" button, URL
ym:pv:shareTitle "Share" button, page title
ym:pv:iFrame Was there a hit from iframe
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey1 Hit parameter, level 1
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey2 Hit parameter, level 2
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey3 Hit parameter, level 3
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey4 Hit parameter, level 4
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey5 Hit parameter, level 5
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey6 Hit parameter, level 6
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey7 Hit parameter, level 7
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey8 Hit parameter, level 8
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey9 Hit parameter, level 9
ym:pv:parsedParamsKey10 Hit parameter, level 10