Metrica Name Description Type Filter option Appearance date
ym:s:goal<goal_id>conversionRate Conversion rate

Share of conversions in the total number of visits.

percents present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id>userConversionRate User conversion rate

Percentage of converted sessions among the total number of unique users.

percents present 2009-01-18
ym:s:goal<goal_id>users Converted users

Number of unique users that reached goals.

int present 2009-01-01
ym:s:goal<goal_id>visits Conversions

Number of converted sessions.

int present 2009-01-18
ym:s:goal<goal_id>reaches Goals reached

Total number of conversions in all targeted visits.

int present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id>reachesPerUser Conversions per user

Average number of conversions per unique converted user.

double present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id>revenue Revenue currency present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id><currency>revenue Revenue in currency currency present 2009-01-18