Metrica Name Description Type Filter option Appearance date
ym:s:bounceRate Bounce rate

Percentage of sessions, during which at least one page view lasting less than 15 seconds took place.

percents present 2009-01-18
ym:s:pageDepth Page depth

Number of pages viewed by users during visit.

double present 2009-01-18
ym:s:avgVisitDurationSeconds Time on site

Average session duration in minutes and seconds.

second present 2009-01-18
ym:s:visitsPerDay Sessions per day double present 2009-01-18
ym:s:visitsPerHour Sessions per hour double present 2009-01-18
ym:s:visitsPerMinute Sessions per minute double present 2009-01-18
ym:s:robotPercentage Percentage of robots

Percentage of users who are suspected to be robots.

percents present 2018-03-10