Localization and interpretation of dimension values

The values of some dimensions may be given as an identifier, or as a text key. Text keys are localized, meaning they are translated to the language that is currently selected in the API.

To find out which dimensions support interpreting IDs, see the Description column. For these dimensions, the API returns the id key, which is the ID of this dimension's value, and the name key, which is a description of the value in the request language.

When filtering and using drill down, you should use the IDs for these dimensions.

You can control the request language using the lang parameter, which is accepted by all API methods, or by selecting the top-level domain to access the API.


Let's look at the following request:

    "dimensions": [
            "id": "organic",
            "name": "Search engine traffic"
    "metrics": [


  • id is the ID of the value ym:s:<attribution>TrafficSource.

  • name is its text key.

For filtering the report on search engines, you can use the following syntax: filters=ym:s:<attribution>TrafficSource=='organic'.