Drill down

Allows you to generate a multi-level (tree) report. In this case, each level corresponds to one dimension.

A request to drilldown method returns one sublevel for the specified parent level. Parent level is specified in the parameter parent_id. To get data for the first level, send a request without the parent_id parameter.

To get data for nested levels, you must specify the path from the root. The route is generated from the values of the field id of parameter dimension. If the id field is missing, specify the name field.

See how uses this request in the example.

  1. Request syntax
  2. Response format

Request syntax

 ? [direct_client_logins=<string,_string,...>]
 & [ids=<int,int,...>]
 & [metrics=<string>]
 & [accuracy=<string>]
 & [callback=<string>]
 & [date1=<string>]
 & [date2=<string>]
 & [dimensions=<string>]
 & [filters=<string>]
 & [id=<integer>]
 & [include_undefined=<boolean>]
 & [lang=<string>]
 & [limit=<int>]
 & [offset=<int>]
 & [only_expandable_undefined=<boolean>]
 & [parent_id=<list>]
 & [preset=<string>]
 & [pretty=<boolean>]
 & [proposed_accuracy=<boolean>]
 & [sort=<string>]
 & [timezone=<string&