Yandex.Direct - costs

You can use the Yandex.Metrica API to generate a report with data on the quantity and cost of clicks on Yandex.Direct ads. To create this report, you need access to the Direct campaigns that you want to get information about. The request must specify the direct_client_logins parameter and use a specific set of dimensions and metrics.

You can supplement the report with additional information by using the appropriate dimensions and metrics (for example, you may include bounces or session depth). You can also use other Metrica features, such as segmentation and sampling.

Request example!n&currency=YND&direct_client_ids=3292374&accuracy=low&metrics=ym%3Aad%3Avisits&lang=ru&request_domain=ru&uid=229516980

More information about direct_client_logins

This is the ID of a Yandex.Direct client whose campaigns can be accessed by the owner of the Metrica counter.

To get a list of IDs that are available for the Metrica counter in use (ids), use a special request.

When getting data for a report, you can specify multiple IDs in the request if necessary. Separate them with commas (direct_client_logins=XXXXXX,YYYYYY,ZZZZZZ).