Provides access to Yandex.Metrica statistical data, including data available in reports. Returns result in the form of a table.

  1. Request syntax
  2. Response format

Request syntax
 ? [direct_client_logins=<string,_string,...>]
 & [ids=<int,int,...>]
 & [metrics=<string>]
 & [accuracy=<string>]
 & [callback=<string>]
 & [date1=<string>]
 & [date2=<string>]
 & [dimensions=<string>]
 & [filters=<string>]
 & [id=<integer>]
 & [include_undefined=<boolean>]
 & [lang=<string>]
 & [limit=<int>]
 & [offset=<int>]
 & [preset=<string>]
 & [pretty=<boolean>]
 & [proposed_accuracy=<boolean>]
 & [sort=<string>]
 & [timezone=<string>]
Query parameters
direct_client_loginsComma-separated logins of Yandex.Direct clients. Used for generating the Yandex.Direct - costs report.
idsCounter IDs, separated by commas. Used instead of id parameter.

List of metrics, separated by commas.

Limit: 20 metrics in request.

accuracyAccuracy of the result. Use it to control the sampling rate (the number of sessions used for calculating results).

Default value: medium

callbackCallback function which returns an API response.

Start date of requesting data period in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Also use values: today, yesterday, ndaysAgo.

Default value: 6daysAgo


End date of requesting data period in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Also uses values: today, yesterday, ndaysAgo.

Default value: today


List of dimensions, separated by commas.

Limit: 10 dimensions in request.


Segmentation filter.

Limit: number of unique dimensions and metrics — up to 10, number of separate filters — up to 20, row length in filter — up to 10 000 characters.

idCounter ID. Outdated, use ids.
include_undefinedEnabled in response row, for which values of dimensions are not defined. This only affects the first dimension. Disabled by default.

Number of elements on results page.

Limit: 100,000.

Default value: 100

offsetIndex of first row of requesting data, beginning with 1.

Default value: 1

prettySpecifies the formatting of results. To use formatting, enter the value true.

Default value: false

proposed_accuracyIf parameter is set to true, the API h