Map localization

The Static.API lets you make localized map images with labels in different languages. To set the language for geo object names on a map, you need to pass the locale in the HTTP request.

The locale is set in RFC-3066 format using the lang parameter:
  • language - Two-letter language code. Specified in ISO 639-1 format. Sets the language for objects on the map (toponyms and controls).
  • region - Two-letter country code. Specified in ISO 3166-1 format. Determines regional settings such as measurement units (for indicating distances between objects or driving speeds on a route).
    Note. For the regions RU, UA and TR, distance is shown in kilometers; for US, it is shown in miles.
The following locales are currently supported:
  • lang=tr-TR
  • lang=en-US (distance in miles)
  • lang=en_RU
  • lang=ru-RU
  • lang=ru_UA
  • lang=uk_UA
Note. In early versions of the API, the locale was specified after a dash. For example, en-US. This notation is supported for backward compatibility, but is not recommended.
Note. Turkish on geo object labels is currently supported only for maps of Turkey.
The example below shows the map of Moscow with labels in Russian:,55.753630&z=10