Maps without programming

The Map Constructor, the Yandex.Maps widget, and Geolinks let you make maps for a website or app without writing any code.
You can use Yandex map data and technologies even if you don't have any programming skills. There are several tools available that make it easy to accomplish basic tasks, such as showing where your office is located or providing directions for how to get there.

Map Constructor

The Map Constructor is a visual map editor where you can create your own map with placemarks, lines, and polygons.

You can change the appearance of each element. For example, you can choose the placemark style you want to use and set the width of lines or the color of polygons. You can add a text for each object that appears when the object is clicked.

When you've created your map and you are ready to add it to your website or app, just take the code generated by the Map Constructor and insert it on a page. If you change something on the map, users will immediately see the updated version.

You can also save a high-resolution image of the map for printing on a flyer or brochure. It is also possible to export data about objects you added to the map and use the resulting file as you wish.

More information about Map Constructor features

Yandex.Maps widget

The Widget is a basic tool that lets you get an interactive map for your project. Just find a business on Yandex.Maps or mark a route, then click the "Share" button on the map to get the code to insert on a website. The widget will show everything that was on the map. The starting point and destination will appear on the embedded map exactly as you set them, but the route path will be drawn each time it is viewed to account for the current traffic situation.
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