Map localization

The API allows you to display maps that are localized in different languages, with consideration for the specifics of different countries. To control localization, you must pass the locale in the HTTP request.

The locale is set in the lang parameter:
  • language — Two-letter language code. Specified in ISO 639-1 format.
  • region — Two-letter country code. Specified in ISO 3166-1 format.
At this time, the following locales are supported:
  • lang=tr-TR
  • lang=en-US
  • lang=ru-RU
  • lang=ru_UA
  • lang=uk_UA
Note. In early versions of the API, the locale was specified using a hyphen. This notation is no longer recommended. However, to preserve backward compatibility, the locales ru-RU, tr-TR, en-US and uk-UA are considered equivalent to ru_RU, tr_TR, en_US, and uk_UA, respectively.