Yandex ID API

Using the API, you can enable authentication via Yandex for any website, mobile app, or web service. Users who have a Yandex account can quickly log in without registering or entering their password.

With Yandex ID, users can access all Yandex products at once. It securely stores their usernames, first and last names, linked phone numbers, payment details, and other personal information. Yandex ID is an internal service, but some of its functions are available through the API.

The Yandex ID API uses the OAuth protocol through which an authorized Yandex user allows an external website or app to access their account data. With additional permission, Yandex ID will also return some personal data to the app: the user’s name, gender, and date of birth.

Getting started

  1. Registration
    Register your website or service as a new app at If you already have an OAuth token with permissions to access any of the Yandex services, you may use it.
  2. See the API documentation
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