Request for access

For information on registering an application and submitting a request for access to the Yandex Direct API, see the section App registration in the Developer's guide.

Here are answers to some common questions about submitting the access request:

Who should submit the request?

The application developer registers the application on the Yandex OAuth service and submits a request for access to the Yandex Direct API. Application users don't need to do this.

If you purchased or use a ready-made program, you do not need to register the application or submit the access request.

What username should I use to submit the request?

To register an application and create an access request, log in on Yandex using the application developer's username.

If the application is developed and used by an advertising agency, you can use the agency's chief representative username.

How long does it take to process the access request?

Access requests are reviewed from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on business days (excluding holidays in Russia). Request review can take from one hour up to three business days (during peak periods, it can take up to seven days).

I submitted three access requests and two of them were rejected

You only need to register your application and submit an access request one time, regardless of how many instances of the application you have. Just submit one access request per application registered in Yandex OAuth. Once the request is approved, any number of users can work with this application.

I don't see my application in the “My applications” list

The My applications tab on the API settings page shows the applications that you have allowed to access your data in Yandex Direct as a user (see Getting a token).

To see the list of applications that you have registered as a developer, go to these pages:

  • Applications that you have requested access to the Yandex Direct API for are on the My requests tab on the API settings page.

  • All the applications that you have registered on Yandex OAuth are on the page.

My access request was approved, but I get the error code 58 when I send a request

Go to the My requests tab on the API settings page and check which type of access you requested. If the request was for test access, you can only send requests to the sandbox at

In order to make requests using real user data at, change your request for test access to a request for full access.

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