Lesson 5. How to enable Sandbox

In this lesson, you will learn:

  1. What is Sandbox?
  2. How to enable
  3. Working with Sandbox
  4. Task
  5. What's next
  6. Useful links
  7. Questions

In this lesson, you will learn how to access Yandex Direct via the API without the risk of launching a real advertising campaign with a real budget.

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a test environment used to debug apps accessing Yandex Direct API. In Sandbox, you can make requests, get responses, and monitor status of campaigns and ads. However, in Sandbox you work with the test data only, and your actions do not affect your real advertising campaigns. Test ads are never served, test budget never affects your real account in Yandex Direct, and test statistical report contains some pseudorandom data.

Your app's requests sent to Sandbox must match the same format as your real data requests. Sandbox uses real OAuth tokens. The only difference between the Sandbox requests and real data requests are the URLs they use.

Sandbox has no web interface, hence you cannot see test clients and test ad campaigns in the interface. You can only work with Sandbox by calling API methods.

How to enable

To enable Sandbox for your account, do the following:

  1. In the Yandex Direct web interface, open the API section and go to the Sandbox tab.
  2. Click the Launch sandbox link.

  3. Choose a role: “Client” (direct advertiser) or “Agency” (advertising agency with its clients). Specify the currency for the trial account. Select the Create test campaigns checkbox.

  4. Click the Continue button.

    Depending on the role you have selected, three test campaigns or three test clients are created immediately in Sandbox. Virtual money is credited to one of the campaigns.

Working with Sandbox

  • Sandbox is active while you are using it. If no requests have been sent to Sandbox over a month, your test accounts and all their settings are deleted. You will have to set up the test data again.
  • If you want to disable Sandbox, click the Stop using Sandbox link.
  • If you switch to another role, the test data is deleted and Sandbox is created from scratch.


Enable Sandbox with the “Client” role, creating the client account in rubles with preset test campaigns.

Execute task

What's next

So you have completed all the preparation steps and are ready to start working with Yandex Direct API. In the next lesson, you will make your first request to the API.


  1. Why do you need Sandbox?
  2. How can you see which ad campaigns are in Sandbox?
  3. What happens if you launch an ad campaign in Sandbox?