Output for monetary values

Report currency

Monetary values are shown in the advertiser's currency.

If the advertiser used the duplication method to switch to operating in a real currency (see Terms of converting Advertiser account into currency of payment (excluding rubles)), statistics for old campaigns in Yandex units are recalculated to the currency using the exchange rate on the date of the click.


Monetary values in the fields AvgCpc, AvgCpm, AvgEffectiveBid, Cost, CostPerConversion, Profit, and Revenue are:

  • Amounts in a currency if the request specifies the HTTP header returnMoneyInMicros: false. Rounded to two decimal places.

  • Integers resulting from multiplying the amount in the currency by 1,000,000 if this header is omitted. Rounded to 10,000.

Note. Due to rounding errors, the sum of the values in the Cost and Profit fields for the report rows may differ slightly from the actual totals. The final values can be obtained by generating an aggregated report (without data groupings).


Monetary values in the AvgCpc, AvgCpm, AvgEffectiveBid, Cost, and CostPerConversion fields, as well as Profit и Revenue for priority campaign goals, can be obtained either with or without VAT by using the IncludeVAT input parameter.

The Revenue value that is calculated from Yandex Metrica data does not depend on the IncludeVAT parameter.