HTTP headers

Request headers

You can specify the following headers in addition to the Authorization, Accept-Language, and Client-Login headers:


The mode for generating the report: online, offline or auto. If you omit this header, it is interpreted as auto. The modes are described in the section Online and offline reports.

returnMoneyInMicros: false
If you specify this header, monetary values in the report are returned in the currency with up to two decimal points. If you omit this header, monetary values are returned as integers – the amount in the currency, multiplied by 1,000,000.
skipReportHeader: true
Don't include the row with the report name and the date range in the report.
skipColumnHeader: true
Don't include the row with the field names in the report.
skipReportSummary: true
Don't include the row with the number of data rows in the report.

Response headers

If the report is generated in offline mode, the following header is returned in addition to the RequestId header:

The recommended interval in seconds for checking the report status.
The number of offline reports waiting to be generated (maximum of 5 reports per advertiser).