Incompatible fields and dependencies

Incompatible fields

  • The Date, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year fields are mutually exclusive. Only one of them can be included in the report.

  • The CriterionType, CriteriaType, AudienceTargetId, DynamicTextAdTargetId, Keyword, and SmartAdTargetId fields are mutually exclusive. Only one of them can be used for filtering data.

  • The ClickType field is incompatible with Impressions, Ctr, AvgImpressionPosition, WeightedImpressions, WeightedCtr, and AvgTrafficVolume.

  • The ImpressionShare field is incompatible with AdFormat, AdId, Age, CarrierType, Gender, MobilePlatform, and RlAdjustmentId.

  • The Criterion, CriterionId, and CriterionType fields are incompatible with Criteria, CriteriaId, and CriteriaType.


If the Placement field is specified, report data is also grouped by the AdNetworkType field.

For campaigns with the SMART_CAMPAIGN type, if at least one of the Criterion, CriterionId, Criteria, or CriteriaId fields is specified, or data is filtered by the SmartAdTargetId field, or the CRITERIA_PERFORMANCE_REPORT type is selected, a dash will be shown in the Impressions and Ctr fields.