Returns retargeting lists.

  1. Restrictions
  2. Request
  3. Response


The method returns a maximum of 10,000 objects.


Request structure in JSON format:

  "method": "get",
  "params": { /* params */
    "SelectionCriteria": {  /* RetargetingListSelectionCriteria */
      "Ids": [(long), ... ],
      "Types": [( RETARGETING | AUDIENCE ), ... ]
    "FieldNames": [( "Type" | "Id" | "Name" | "Description" | "Rules" | "IsAvailable" | "Scope" | "AvailableForTargetsInAdGroupTypes" ), ... ], /* required */
    "Page": {  /* LimitOffset */
      "Limit": (long),
      "Offset": (long)
Parameter Type Description Required
Params structure (for JSON) / GetRequest (for SOAP)
SelectionCriteria RetargetingListSelectionCriteria

Criteria for selecting retargeting lists. If omitted, all retargeting lists that belong to the advertiser are returned.

FieldNames array of RetargetingListFieldEnum Names of top-level parameters to get. Yes
Page LimitOffset

Structure that defines the page for paginated selection of data.

RetargetingListSelectionCriteria structure
Ids array of long Selects the retargeting lists with the specified IDs. From 1 to 10,000 items in the array. No
Types array of RetargetingListTypeEnum Selects the retargeting lists with the specified types. See the section Type of retargeting lists. No


Response structure in JSON format:

  "result": { /* result */
    "RetargetingLists": [{  /* RetargetingListGetItem */
      "Type": ( RETARGETING | AUDIENCE ),
      "Id": (long),
      "IsAvailable": ( "YES" | "NO" ),
      "Name": (string),
      "Description": (string),
      "Rules": [{ /* RetargetingListRuleItem */
        "Arguments": [{  /* RetargetingListRuleArgumentItem */
          "MembershipLifeSpan": (int), /* required */
          "ExternalId": (long) /* required */
        }, ... ], /* required */
        "Operator": ( "ALL" | "ANY" | "NONE" ) /* required */
      }, ... ],
      "AvailableForTargetsInAdGroupTypes": { /* AvailableForTargetsInAdGroupTypesArray */
                    | "SMART_AD_GROUP" ), ... ] 
      } /* nillable */
    }, ... ],
    "LimitedBy": (long)
Parameter Type Description
Result structure (for JSON) / GetResponse (for SOAP)
RetargetingLists array of RetargetingListGetItem Retargeting lists.
LimitedBy long Sequential number of the last object returned. It is included if there was a limit on the number of objects in the response. See the section Paginated data selection.
RetargetingListGetItem structure
Type RetargetingListTypeEnum Type of retargeting list. See the section Type of retargeting lists.
Id long ID of the retargeting list.
Name string Name of the retargeting list (maximum of 250 characters).
Description string Text note for the retargeting list (maximum of 4096 characters).
IsAvailable YesNoEnum

YES — All the goals and segments in the retargeting list are available; NO — The retargeting list has a goal or segment that is unavailable, so ad displays and bid adjustments aren't possible for this retargeting list.

A goal or segment becomes unavailable if it is deleted, or if the owner revokes access (see Managing tag access in the Help for Yandex.Metrica).

Rules array of RetargetingListRuleItem Rules for selecting site users. In order for the retargeting list to apply, the user must meet all the rules at once.

For restrictions on user selection rules and examples of the structure, see the section Rules for user selection.

Scope RetargetingListScopeEnum

The scope of the retargeting list: audience targets, bid adjustments, or everywhere. See the section Scope.

AvailableForTargetsInAdGroupTypes AvailableForTargetsInAdGroupTypesArray The scope of the retargeting list: types of groups to which you can add an audience target for this retargeting list.

null (nil) — The retargeting list can only be applied in bid adjustments.

RetargetingListRuleItem structure
Arguments array of RetargetingListRuleArgumentItem

Goals and segments.

See the section Goals and segments.

Operator RetargetingListRuleOperatorEnum

Logical operator for the retargeting list:

  • ALL — The rule is met if the user completed all the goals and is included in all the segments.

  • ANY — The rule is met if the user completed at least one of the goals or the user's session is included in at least one of the segments.

  • NONE — The rule is met if the user didn't complete any of the goals and the user's session isn't included in any of the segments.

RetargetingListRuleArgumentItem structure
MembershipLifeSpan int

The number of days (from 1 to 540) for checking for a goal conversion.

This parameter is not used with Yandex.Metrica segments and Yandex.Audience segments.

ExternalId long

ID of the goal or segment.

AvailableForTargetsInAdGroupTypesArray structure
Items array of AdGroupTypesEnum

Types of groups to which you can add an audience target for this retargeting list.