Errors and warnings

This section lists codes and descriptions of errors and warnings in response messages from the Yandex.Direct API version 5.

  1. Errors
  2. Warnings


Error code Message Comments and possible reasons
Server errors
52 Authorization server temporarily unavailable The Yandex.Direct API server is temporarily unable to get information from the Yandex.OAuth service. Try calling the method again later.
1000 Server temporarily unavailable Internal error on the Yandex.Direct API server. Try calling the method again later. If the error persists, contact the support service.
1001 Service initialization error
1002 Operation error
1003 Couldn't create a Yandex user account An error occurred when creating the account. Try calling the method again later.
1004 Couldn't create client An error occurred when creating a client in Yandex.Direct. Try calling the method again later. Use a different username to repeat the request.
1020 Internal server error The list of available currencies isn't defined. Contact the Support service.
Authentication error
53 Authorization error

Invalid OAuth token. The reasons for a token becoming invalid are listed in the section Revoking tokens in the Yandex.OAuth guide.

Incomplete app registration
58 Incomplete registration You must submit a request for API access and wait for it to be approved.
Permission errors
54 No rights
  • The username specified in the request belongs to an advertiser that is not a client of the agency performing the request.

  • The user who a write/edit request is being made on behalf of only has read rights.

  • The advertiser's account must be switched to a currency.

  • The request to the AgencyClients service specifies an access token that was obtained for an advertiser's representative.

513 Your login is not enabled for Yandex.Direct The request is on behalf of a user who doesn't have a Yandex.Direct account. To register an account, create an advertising campaign in this user's name in the web interface. See also Access and authorization.
3000 No API access
  • The request is on behalf of a user who doesn't have API access.

  • API access is closed when campaigns are being converted to a currency.

  • The user didn't allow API access from this IP address. See the section Restricting access by IP address.

3001 No access to the method

The AdExtensions.add method is not available for an agency.

Restrictions, points
152 Not enough Yandex units
506 Exceeded limit on number of connections You have reached the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the Yandex.Direct server.
Unsupported fields, objects, and operations
3500 Not supported Attempt to add bid adjustment is not compatible with the campaign type.
3600 Limited functionality Attempt to use the PAY_FOR_CONVERSION or PAY_FOR_CONVERSION_PER_CAMPAIGN strategy.
Invalid request parameters
4000 Invalid request parameters
  • The passed parameters for a campaign, group, or ad aren't appropriate for the type of the campaign, group, or ad.
  • Display strategy parameters are set incorrectly: the structure with parameters for the selected strategy is omitted, or the structure specified has parameters for a different strategy.
  • Invalid date format (for example, in the Timestamp parameter).
  • Invalid time zone.
  • To optimize conversions for priority goals, specify at least one priority goal other than engaged sessions.
4001 Invalid SelectionCriteria filter parameters
  • Exceeded the number of IDs in the array.
  • SelectionCriteria must have at least one parameter from the set (for example, Ids, AdGroupIds and CampaignIds).
4002 Invalid page settings Invalid value for the Limit or Offset parameter.
4003 All required parameters were omitted The request must contain at least one parameter from the set, but none of them were specified.
4004 More than one parameter was passed Mutually exclusive parameters were specified. Only one of them can be present in the request.
4005 A single type of Id must be used within a request Bids are set with IDs of heterogeneous objects (for example, one Bids structure has CampaignId, but the other structure has AdGroupId).
4006 Incompatible operations are entered in the same request To edit ad callouts, either use the ADD and REMOVE operations, or use the SET operation.
Invalid field value
5000 Required field A required field is empty, or the value consists of spaces.
5001 Exceeded allowed length
  • Exceeded the maximum length for the field value.
  • Exceeded total length of sitelink texts.
5002 Forbidden symbols used
  • There is an unallowed character in a keyword, negative keyword, or sitelink.
  • Invalid use of operators in a keyword, such as the “!” character separated from other characters.
5003 Empty value specified There is an empty string, for example, in the Href parameter in an ad.
5004 Invalid format

Incorrect value for an object field, such as:

  • In the VCards.add method:

    • Invalid instant messaging ID in the MessengerLogin parameter.
    • Invalid email address in the ContactEmail parameter.
    • Invalid business hours in the WorkTime parameter.
    • Invalid phone number in the Phone structure.
  • In the AdGroups service: empty group name.

  • In the AdImages service: the type or size of the image file doesn't meet the requirements.

5005 Field set incorrectly

Incorrect value for an object field, such as:

  • The object ID isn't a positive integer.

  • In the VCards.add method:

    • Unsupported instant messaging system in the MessengerClient parameter.
    • Omitted the country code, city code, or phone number in the Phone structure.
    • Subway station in the MetroStationId parameter is invalid or incompatible with the city.
  • In the Sitelinks service, the protocol in the link is not HTTP or HTTPS.
  • In the Ads service, the AdImageHash field has an invalid image link, or links to a non-existant image.
  • In the AdGroups service, the RegionIds array is empty.
  • In the Bids service, the bid value or ContextCoverage is outside of the allowed range.
  • In the AgencyClients.add method, an invalid currency is specified for the client. Currencies available to the agency for registering clients are listed in the ClientCurrencies output parameter for the GetClientInfo (Live) method in the Live 4 version of the API.
5006 Invalid use of field
  • In the Campaigns service:

    • The selected strategy isn't appropriate for the campaign type. See Display Strategy.

    • Invalid domain or IP address.

  • In the Ads service:

    • The ad title or text has a word that is too long.
    • Punctuation is used incorrectly in the title or text (a space before a comma).
    • The main link duplicates a sitelink.
  • In the Sitelinks service: a sitelink duplicates the main ad link.
5007 Duplicated element Sitelink texts are duplicates, or they link to the same webpage.
5008 All required fields were omitted The object must have at least one field specified from the set, but none of them are specified.
5009 More than one field was passed The object has mutually exclusive fields specified.
5100 Incorrect template use Incorrect use of templates (##) in the ad title and text.
5120 Geotargeting set incorrectly
  • The specified region ID does not exist.
  • A region is repeated multiple times.
  • Only negative regions are specified.
  • A negative region was specified that matches a display region.
  • A negative region was specified that is not contained in any of the display regions.
5140 Keyword contains too many words Exceeded the number of words in a keyword.
5141 Incorrect use of stop words A keyword consists exclusively of stop words.
5142 Exceeded the maximum word length in a keyword
5160 Negative keyword can't be a phrase Attempt to use a negative keyword with a space in it.
5161 Incorrect use of negative keywords
  • A keyword consists exclusively of negative keywords.
  • A negative keyword contains a dot (and is not a decimal number).
  • A negative keyword begins with an apostrophe or ends in an apostrophe.
  • Invalid combination of special symbols in a keyword.
  • A phrase in quotation marks can't consist of negative keywords.
  • You may not specify a negative keyword contained in the original keyword.
  • The total length of keywords exceeds the maximum allowed value.
5162 Exceed the maximum length of a negative keyword
5181 You cannot change the advertised application
5200 Login already in use Attempt to create a client with a login name that is already used by another Yandex account.
Inconsistent object
6000 Inconsistent object state
  • The type of ad group doesn't correspond to the type of campaign, or the type of ad doesn't correspond to the type of group.
  • Attempt to delete a vCard that is used in an ad.
  • Attempt to delete a set of sitelinks that are used in an ad.
  • An ad specifies a set of sitelinks, but does not specify the main link.
  • An ad doesn't specify a vCard or a main link.
  • An attempt to change the age label when there isn't an age label assigned, or an attempt to set an age label that doesn't correspond to the ad category.
  • Attempt to grant an agency client permission to manage campaigns using files but this client doesn't have permission to edit campaigns.
  • Attempt to create a group of display ads with a target based on a user profile that also has negative keywords.
6001 Wrong object type specified Attempt to add a keyword to a group of dynamic ads.
6100 The display region doesn't match the ad text (title, text, sitelinks) When trying to change the display region in a group, the ad language was not appropriate for the new region (for example, the ad has Kazakh letters, but geotargeting is being changed to Russia)
6101 Language doesn't match geotargeting When adding or modifying ads, display region compatibility was violated (for example, an ad was created in Ukrainian but geotargeting is set to Russia)
Object restrictions
7000 Number of allowed elements exceeded or equal to zero
  • Number of sitelinks less than 1 or more than 4
  • Attempt to add more than one audience target to a group of display ads.
7001 Reached the maximum number of objects
  • Reached the maximum number of ad groups in a campaign
  • Reached the maximum number of ads in a group
  • Reached the maximum number of keywords in an ad group
7002 This tracking system domain isn't supported
Request parsing errors
55 Operation not found Invalid value specified for the method key in a JSON request.
8000 Invalid request
  • OAuth token omitted.

  • The OAuth token has an invalid format (for example, it contains forbidden characters).

  • The advertiser's username was not specified in a request from an agency.

  • Required parameter omitted.

  • Unknown parameter included.

  • Incorrect parameter type, for example:

    • String instead of number.
    • Single value instead of array.
    • If the parameter has a fixed set of values (an example is FieldNames), a value outside of this set generates an error.
  • Invalid JSON.

  • Omitted the method key in a JSON request.

  • Omitted the SOAPAction header or the body of a SOAP request.

Can't perform operation
8300 Invalid object status
  • Attempt to perform an operation with an ad, ad group, or vCard in an archived or deleted campaign.
  • Attempt to submit an ad for review that is not a draft, or is in a group that does not contain display conditions, or is archived.
  • Attempt to delete an ad that is forbidden to delete (for example, the ad has been displayed).
  • Attempt to suspend or resume a draft ad or an archived ad.
  • Attempt to archive an active ad or a draft ad.
8301 Can't delete object
  • Attempt to delete an ad group containing ads or targeting criteria (keywords, audience targets, or dynamic text ad targets).
  • Attempt to delete the only active keyword in a group (if there are no audience targets).
  • Attempt to delete a campaign that can't be deleted (for example, the campaign has funds on it or has an unpaid invoice).
8302 Displays can't be suspended Attempt to suspend the only active keyword in a group (if there are no audience targets).
8303 Object can't be archived
  • Attempt to archive a campaign that has funds.

  • Attempt to archive a campaign that hasn't been suspended.

  • Attempt to archive a campaign when the shared account has insufficient funds.

8304 Object can't be unarchived
  • Attempt to unarchive a campaign from the special archive (the CONVERTED state)

  • Attempt to unarchive a campaign that exceeds the limit on the number of active campaigns

8305 Can't perform action Attempt to change the daily budget amount more than 3 times during the same day.
8312 Can't build a report in online mode A report with the specified parameters can only be generated in offline mode. Change processingMode in the HTTP request header. See the section Online and offline reports.
8600 Error enabling the shared account
Object not found
8800 Object not found
  • The Client-Login header specifies a non-existing username or a username for an advertiser that doesn't belong to this agency.

  • Specified the ID of an object that is non-existing, deleted, or does not belong to the user (a campaign, group, ad, vCard, or keyword).

Limits on the number of objects in operations in a single request
9300 Exceeded the limit on the number of objects in operations in a single request Exceeded the maximum number of objects in the method's input array
9301 Selection condition is too broad Exceeded the maximum number of selected adjustments. The total of the Limit and Offset values must not exceed 120,000.
Dependency of bids on strategies
9600 The field does not correspond to the set strategy The request does not have a field that is required in certain conditions (for example, Bid in the Bids.Set method for manual display strategies).
9601 Bid can't be changed
  • An automatic strategy is set in the campaign.
  • Changing bids in ad networks is not allowed, because displays in ad networks are disabled.
  • Changing bids in ad networks is not allowed, because the bid in ad networks depends on the bid in search results for the selected strategy.
  • Changing bids for the search is not allowed, because displays are disabled in search results.
Duplicated objects
9800 An object can't be in the request more than once A single call of the update, set, or delete method contains multiple objects with the same ID
9801 An object with the specified characteristics already exists Attempt to add an adjustment that already exists (for example, repeatedly adding a mobile adjustment or an adjustment for the same target audience).
9802 An item can't be in the list more than once
  • In the Campaigns service: a duplicate value in the BlockedIps, CounterIds, or NegativeKeywords array, or repeated days in the Schedule array.
  • In the AdGroups service: a duplicate value in the TargetDeviceType array.
  • In the Ads service: a duplicate value in the callouts array.


Warning code Message
10000 The object is in the request more than once
10020 The object is already suspended.
10021 The object is not suspended.
10022 The object is already archived.
10025 The object is already marked as deleted
10100 The specified vCard duplicates a previously created vCard
10120 The specified set of sitelinks duplicates a previously created set
10140 Keyword already exists
10141 New keyword created as the result of updating
10160 Bid won't be applied
10161 Priority won't be applied
10163 Setting won't be changed
10165 Parameter won't be applied
10200 Ad already paused
10201 Ad not paused
10202 Ad already archived
10203 Ad not archived
10240 Keyword already stopped
10241 Keyword not stopped
10242 Dynamic text ad target is already stopped
10243 Dynamic text ad target is not stopped