Request parameters

Parameter name in Live 4 Parameter name in Reports
CampaignID To get statistics on the selected campaign, use the structure

See Filtering data.

StartDate, EndDate

To get statistics for a specific period, use the parameters DateFrom and DateTo with <DateRangeType>CUSTOM_DATE</DateRangeType> .

See Report period.

CompressReport Not supported
Currency Not supported. Monetary values are shown in the advertiser's currency.

Specify the criteria for filtering data in the Filter array. For the equivalents of filter parameters, see the section Filter parameters.

See Filtering data.

GroupByColumns In the FieldNames array, specify the fields to show in the report. For the equivalents of groupings, see the section Grouping by columns.
GroupByDate In the FieldNames array, specify either the Date, Week, or Month field.
IncludeDiscount IncludeDiscount



Use the structure

Offset Not supported
OrderBy OrderBy
TypeResultReport Format (only TSV format is supported)
Names of fields from GroupByColumns
clAdjustment RlAdjustmentId
clAveragePosition AvgClickPosition, AvgImpressionPosition
clBanner AdId
clCarrierType CarrierType
clDate Date, Week or Month
clDemographics Age, Gender
clDeviceType Device
clGeo TargetingLocationId
clGoalConversionsNum Conversions
clImage AdFormat
clMobilePlatform MobilePlatform
clPage Placement, AdNetworkType
clPhrase CriterionId
clPositionType Slot
clROI GoalsRoi
clStatGoals AvgPageviews, ConversionRate, CostPerConversion
Filter parameters
Age Age
Banner AdId
CarrierType CarrierType
DeviceType Device
Gender Gender
Geo TargetingLocationId
MobilePlatform MobilePlatform
PageName Placement
PageType AdNetworkType


PositionType Slot
StatGoals Use the Goals request parameter.
WithImage AdFormat

Report fields

Field names in the Live 4 version Field names in Reports
type (phrasesDict element) CriterionType
value (phrasesDict element) Criterion, MatchType
age Age
bannerID AdId
carrier_type CarrierType
clicks Clicks
clicks_average_position AvgClickPosition
clicks_context Clicks with AdNetworkType
device_type Device
gender Gender
goal_conversion ConversionRate
goal_conversions_num Conversions
goal_cost CostPerConversion
goal_id Not supported
mobile_platform MobilePlatform
phrase_id CriterionId with CriterionType
placeName Placement
placeType AdNetworkType
position_type Slot
regionID TargetingLocationId
RetargetingID CriterionId with CriterionType
revenue Revenue
rl_adjustment_id RlAdjustmentId
roi GoalsRoi
session_depth AvgPageviews
shows Impressions
shows_average_position AvgImpressionPosition
shows_context Impressions with AdNetworkType
statDate Date, Week, Month, Quarter or Year
stat_type AdFormat
sum Cost
sum_context Cost with AdNetworkType
WebpageID CriterionId with CriterionType