Turbo page (TurboPage)

The Turbo page object (TurboPage) contains settings for a Turbo page created in Turbo Page Builder. For more information, see Turbo pages in the Help for Yandex Direct.

Turbo pages can be used in ads with the type TEXT_AD, IMAGE_AD (subtypes TEXT_IMAGE_AD and TEXT_AD_BUILDER_AD), CPC_VIDEO_AD, CPM_BANNER_AD, and sitelinks. If a Turbo page is included, the website link is optional.


You must use the web interface for creating and editing Turbo pages.

To get a list of Turbo pages, use the TurboPages service and the get method.

Use the Ads service for assigning a Turbo page to an ad or unassigning it from an ad. See Ad extensions.

Use the Sitelinks service for assigning a Turbo page to a sitelink when creating a set of sitelinks.

To get data entered by users on Turbo pages, use the Leads service with the get method.