Negative keywords

There are several ways to set negative keywords. All methods can be used simultaneously.

  • List negative keywords at the ad group level in the NegativeKeywords parameter and at the campaign level in the NegativeKeywords parameter.

  • Create sets of negative keywords using the NegativeKeywordSharedSets service. Enable sets of negative keywords at the ad group level by specifying the set IDs in the NegativeKeywordSharedSetIds parameter.
  • Specify individual negative keywords (negative keywords that consist of one word) directly for a keyword in the Keyword parameter.

Moving negative keywords to the group or campaign level makes configuration easier and reduces the risk of exceeding the limit on keyword length (4096 characters).

If a negative keyword that is set on the group or campaign level is completely included in a keyword, the negative keyword isn't applied to this keyword.

For more information about negative keywords, see Negative keywords and Library of negative keywords in the Help for Yandex Direct.