Ad target for dynamic ads (DynamicTextAdTarget — Webpage)

A dynamic ad target defines the set of the advertiser's website pages that ads are dynamically generated for. For more information about dynamic ads, see the section Dynamic ads in the Help for Yandex.Direct.


Use the DynamicTextAdTargets service to manage targets for dynamic ads.


add | delete | suspend | resume | get | setBids

Dynamic text ad targets can't be edited. If you need to change a dynamic text ad target, you must delete it and create a new one.


A dynamic text ad target can only be added to the DYNAMIC_TEXT_AD_GROUP type of ad group.

Maximum of 50 dynamic ad targets per group.

Type of dynamic text ad targets

There are two types of dynamic text ad targets:

  • PAGES_ALL — “All the website pages”.

  • PAGES_SUBSET — “A group of pages”.

    This type of ad target contains the Conditions array, which may include up to 10 rules for page filtering. Dynamic ads will be generated for those pages that satisfy all the selection conditions.

Selection rule

A rule for page selection consists of three parameters:

  • Operand — Which page property is compared.
  • Operator — How to compare.
  • Arguments — An array of strings that the comparison is made against.

The compatibility of operands and operators is shown in the table below.

Operand Description Applicable operators
DOMAIN Domain (any level)
  • Operand contains one of the strings from the Arguments array.
  • Operand doesn't contain any of the strings from the Arguments array.

The input is not case sensitive.

URL Link to the product
PAGE_TITLE Page title
PAGE_CONTENT Page content
OFFERS_LIST_URL The URL of a list of offers (a page with a list of products, such as the page for a product category or the page of search results using set parameters)
  • Operand exactly matches one of the strings in the Arguments array.
  • Operand doesn't match any of the strings in the Arguments array.

The protocol (http:// or https://) is ignored during comparison.

Note. A dynamic ad text target may contain no more than one rule with the OFFERS_LIST_URL operand and the EQUALS_ANY operator, and no more than one rule with the OFFERS_LIST_URL operand and the NOT_EQUALS_ALL operator.

State of dynamic text ad targets

The State parameter reflects the current state of displays for a dynamic ad target.

State Description

Ad impressions are possible by target.

OFF The dynamic ad target isn't in use.
SUSPENDED Impressions by target for dynamic ads were stopped by the owner (using the suspend method, or in the web interface).

The ad target for dynamic ads was deleted by the owner.

Note. The get method returns a dynamic text ad target in the DELETED state only if the States parameter is set to DELETED or the ID of this target is specified in the Ids parameter. If both the Ids and States parameters are omitted, the method doesn't return dynamic text ad targets in the DELETED state.
UNKNOWN Unknown state. Used for providing backward compatibility and displaying states that are not supported in this version of the API.