Bid and priority (KeywordBid)

The bid or priority that can be assigned for a keyword or autotargeting depends on which display strategy is selected in the campaign:

  • If the HIGHEST_POSITION display strategy is chosen for search, the SearchBid parameter can be specified.
  • If the MAXIMUM_COVERAGE or MANUAL_CPM display strategy is chosen for ad networks, the NetworkBid parameter can be specified.
  • If an automatic strategy is selected, you can use the StrategyPriority parameter: keywords with higher priority are allocated more traffic when possible, and they are the last ones to be stopped when budget funds are low.


Use the KeywordBids service for setting bids and priorities on keywords.


get | set | setAuto

Use the set method to set the bid and/or priority for:

  • A separate keyword or autotargeting.

  • All keywords and autotargetings in an ad group.

  • All keywords and autotargetings in a campaign.

The setAuto method automatically calculates bids for keywords on search depending on the desired traffic volume, or bids in ad networks depending on the desired frequency of impressions (audience share).

The get method returns bids and priorities for keywords and autotargetings, along with auction data.

  • Bids and prices are passed via the Yandex Direct API as integer numbers. The value passed is a bid or price multiplied by 1,000,000.

  • All bids and prices are shown in the advertiser's currency.


The minimum and maximum CPC and CPM bids for each currency are listed in the currency reference. To get the list of currencies, use the Dictionaries.get method and specify the dictionary name Currencies in the request.