Conducting advertising campaigns

The API allows you to effectively manage complex and large-scale advertising campaigns with many ads and keywords. You can use the API to automate routine operations, such as regularly updating the CPC using a specific algorithm. The API also lets you create convenient tools for viewing and editing campaigns: to make changes, you do not have to wait for pages to load, like in the web interface.

Integration with business applications
You can use the Yandex Direct API to manage advertising based on information about goods and services from your database, for example:
  • Automatically generate large arrays of keywords and add the names of specific brands or product models to them — for such refined keywords, the CPC is lower while click rates and conversion are higher than for “generic” keywords.
  • Stop and restart ad displays depending on whether products are in stock.
  • Update ad texts when the price of the product changes.
  • Automatically generate ads about upcoming promotions and sales, and increase the traffic volume for these ads.
A/B testing for ads

You can use the API to create and edit ad groups — multiple variations of an ad with the same set of keywords and other display settings. Initially, the ads in the group are shown in rotation, but as statistics are accumulated, the system begins to show the ad with the highest CTR more frequently. In this way, the ad that is the most appealing to the audience is selected automatically from the ad group.

Monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
The Yandex Direct API provides both aggregate and detailed statistics for impressions, clicks, conversions and expenditures that can be uploaded to a Decision Support System, accounting system, and so on.

For a full list of available operations, see the API reference guide.