How to manage smart banners

Smart banners are interactive banners with dynamic content. They are automatically generated from a feed, which is a file with product offers. Smart banners can be targeted at users who viewed products on your site or got engaged with similar products. For more information, see Smart banners in the Help for Yandex Direct.

Restriction. Designing creatives is only available in the web interface at this time.
  1. Upload the feed: use the Feeds.add method.

  2. Create a campaign: in the Campaigns.add method, pass the SmartCampaign structure.

    For information about working with this type of campaign, see the section Campaign type.

    For information about available display strategies, see the section Display strategies.

    For information about other campaign parameters, see the section Campaign parameters.

  3. Create an ad group: in the AdGroups.add method, pass the SmartAdGroup structure. Enter the feed ID in the group.

  4. Add targeting criteria for smart banners to the group: use the SmartAdTargets.add method. You can set a bid and/or priority for dynamic ad targets.

  5. Add ads to the group:

    1. Design creatives in Ad Builder in the Yandex Direct web interface. See Creative Ad Builder for smart banners in the Help for Yandex Direct.
    2. Get IDs of available creatives with the SMART_CREATIVE type: use the Creatives.get method.
    3. Add one or more ads with the SMART_AD type: use the Ads.add method. Ad parameters must be passed in the SmartAdBuilderAd structure.
  6. Submit ads for review: use the Ads.moderate method.