You can use autotargeting technology to serve ads without configuring keywords. The ad text and the landing page are matched to the search query, the user's interests, or the site content where it is served. For more information, see Autotargeting in the Help for Yandex.Direct.

The autotargeting criteria are the same as for a keyword and have the same parameters (except that you can't edit the phrase).

Autotargeting can be used in TEXT_AD_GROUP and MOBILE_APP_AD_GROUP types of ad groups.


Use the Keywords.add method to add autotargeting to an ad group. To do this, specify the special value ---autotargeting in the Keyword parameter.

You can only add one autotargeting to an ad group. If you try to add multiple autotargetings to the same group in the same request, an error is returned for each of the autotargetings. If you try to add autotargeting to an ad group that already has an autotargeting, it returns a warning and the parameters of the existing autotargeting do not change.


Use the Keywords.update method to change UserParam1 and UserParam2 for autotargeting. You can't change the Keyword parameter.

Set the bid

Use the KeywordBids.set method to set the bid and priority for autotargeting.

When changing bids for all the keywords in an ad group or campaign, the KeywordBids.setAuto method may affect the autotargeting bid. The method doesn't support setting the bid for autotargeting separately.

Pause, start, delete

The Keywords.suspend and Keywords.resume methods start and stop serving ads for autotargeting.

Use the Keywords.delete method to remove autotargeting from an ad group. You can add it again later.


Use the Keywords.get method to get the same parameters for autotargeting as for a keyword. The value ---autotargeting is returned in the Keyword parameter.

Use the KeywordBids.get method to get the same parameters for the autotargeting as for a keyword, except Search.AuctionBids and Network.Coverage.


Use the Reports service to get statistics on impressions and clicks for autotargeting. Autotargeting parameters are output to the following report fields:

Field Value
Criteria, Criterion ---autotargeting
CriteriaId, CriterionId ID of the autotargeting.

To select data only for autotargeting, filter by CriteriaType: