For agencies

In Yandex Direct, advertisers are hierarchically subordinate to the agency that they are clients of. Agency representatives can manage agency clients and their advertising campaigns. An agency can be used as a management account for accessing multiple client accounts (like an MCC).

Managing clients' advertising campaigns

An agency can manage data that belongs to its client advertisers (including campaigns and ads) by sending requests to Yandex Direct API services in the name of an agency representative. To do this:

  • In the Authorization header, specify the access token you received for the agency representative.

  • In the Client-Login header, specify the username of the representative of the client advertiser.

For example:

Authorization: Bearer 0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f
Client-Login: agrom

An agency can only work with the data of a single advertiser in each request. If you need to obtain or change data for multiple advertisers, you must make a separate request for each advertiser.


Managing clients

Requests to the AgencyClients service must be made on behalf of the agency representative.

An agency representative can:

  • Get a list of advertisers that are an agency's clients, their parameters, and settings for each advertiser's chief representative using the AgencyClients.get method.

  • Register new advertisers that are agency clients by using the AgencyClients.add method. Access to this method is provided on request, and only for agencies that have a large number of active clients and need to regularly register new accounts in bulk.

  • Change the parameters of advertisers (agency clients) and the settings of their chief representatives using the AgencyClients.update method.

Getting agency parameters and representative settings

Using the Clients.getmethod:

  • Any agency representative can also get the agency parameters and their own personal settings.

  • The agency's chief representative can also get and edit the settings of another representative (in addition to their own settings). To do this, pass the representative's username in the Client-Login request header.

Agency points

Points “belong to” both the advertiser and the agency. By default, making API requests in the name of an agency representative spends the points of the agency's client advertiser (if the Client-Login header is specified). In order to use the agency's points, you need to set the HTTP header

Use-Operator-Units: true

The agency makes its own decision on when to spend its own points, and when to spend a client's points. For example, an agency can use its points to:

  • Create advertising campaigns and ads for a new client who hasn't accumulated enough points yet.

  • Manage campaigns for an active client who has run out of points.