Paying for campaigns using an advertising agency's credit limit.


Disabled method. Use version 5 of the API.

For information about the compatibility of methods between versions 4 and 5, see the Migration guide.

The PayCampaigns (Live) version also exists for this method.

Credit is given to advertising agencies who have signed special credit agreements. The GetCreditLimits method returns information about available credit.

When paying for campaigns by credit, a print version of the invoice is generated automatically; it can be obtained via the Yandex.Direct interface.


Direct advertisers can pay for a campaign only when it has been approved by a moderator (see the campaign parameter StatusModerate).

Recommendations and restrictions

Attention. All campaigns specified in the same method call must be of the same type. More information about campaign types

We recommend paying for campaigns using as few calls of the PayCampaign method per day as possible. This recommendation is aimed at improving the performance of the Yandex.Direct API. In terms of productivity, it is better to pay for several campaigns at once using a single method call than to make multiple calls to pay for each campaign individually.

Restrictions on method calls:

  • A single user can call the method 1000 times per day.
  • A single campaign can have no more than 30 transactions per day, including generating invoices (CreateInvoice), transferring funds (TransferMoney), and delayed payment (PayCampaigns).

Exceeding these limits results in the error 56.

Input data

The input data structure in JSON is shown below.

Attention. It is mandatory to include the finance_token and operation_num parameters in the request. For more information, see the Accessing finance methods.
   "method": "PayCampaigns",
   "finance_token": (string),
   "operation_num": (int),
   "param": {
      /* PayCampaignsInfo */
      "Payments": [
         {  /* PayCampElement */
            "CampaignID": (int),
            "Sum": (float)
      "ContractID": (string),
      "PayMethod": (string)

Parameters are described below.

Parameter Description Required
PayCampaignsInfo object
Payments Array of PayCampElement objects. Each object specifies the campaign and the amount to be paid by credit. Yes
ContractID The number of the credit agreement. Yes
PayMethod How credit will be repaid. Affects how the invoice is generated. Currently, this parameter must have the value “Bank”, which indicates a bank transfer. Yes
PayCampElement object
CampaignID The campaign ID. Yes
Sum The amount in Yandex units to be paid by credit. Yes

Output data

Returns 1 if successful, as shown in the following example.

   "data": 1

For an invalid request, possible error codes are 355, 356, and 357.

Examples of input data


   'Payments': [
      {'CampaignID': 3193279, 'Sum': 1200.0},
      {'CampaignID': 3193478, 'Sum': 700.0}
   'ContractID': '23452345/67',
   'PayMethod': 'Bank'


   'Payments' => array(
      array('CampaignID' => 3193279, 'Sum' => 1200.0)
      array('CampaignID' => 3193478, 'Sum' => 700.0)
   'ContractID' => '23452345/67',
   'PayMethod' => 'Bank'


   'Payments' => [
      {'CampaignID' => 3193279, 'Sum' => 1200.0}
      {'CampaignID' => 3193478, 'Sum' => 700.0}
   'ContractID' => '23452345/67',
   'PayMethod' => 'Bank'