Archives the campaign.


Disabled method. Use version 5 of the API.

For information about the compatibility of methods between versions 4 and 5, see the Migration guide.

The ArchiveCampaign (Live) version also exists for this method.

Archived campaigns have the StatusArchive parameter set to “Yes”.


If the advertiser does not have the shared account enabled, only campaigns with an empty balance can be archived. If the advertiser has the shared account enabled, any campaign can be archived.

Before archiving, use the StopCampaign method to stop the campaign (regardless of whether the campaign had impressions).

Attention. This method only supports campaigns with the “Text & Image Ads” type. To work with all types of campaigns, use the Campaigns service in version 5 of the API. More information about campaign types

A campaign can be archived no sooner than one hour after the last impression.

Input data

The input data structure in JSON is shown below.

   "method": "ArchiveCampaign",
   "param": {
      /* CampaignIDInfo */
      "CampaignID": (int)

Parameters are described below.

Parameter Description Required
CampaignIDInfo object
CampaignID The campaign ID. Yes

Output data

Returns 1 when archived successfully, as shown in the following example.

   "data": 1

Examples of input data


   'CampaignID': 3665578


   'CampaignID' => 3665578


   'CampaignID' => 3665578