RetargetingCondition (Live)

Creates, modifies, deletes, or returns a retargeting condition.


Disabled method. Use version 5 of the API.

For information about the compatibility of methods between versions Live 4 and 5, see the Migration guide.

The type of action to perform is specified in the Action parameter:
  • Add — Creates a retargeting condition.
  • Update — Changes a retargeting condition.
  • Delete — Removes a retargeting condition.
  • Get — Returns a retargeting condition.


A maximum of 2000 retargeting conditions can be created per username.

A retargeting condition can contain a maximum of 50 groups. A group can contain a maximum of 250 goals or segments.

A retargeting condition that uses Yandex.Metrica segments or Yandex.Audience segments must contain at least one "all" or "or" type of group. A retargeting condition that consists solely of "not" groups can only use Yandex.Metrica goals.